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A working life as an interior designer has fairly naturally led to enjoyment of making spaces comfortable and welcoming for family and friends.   I moved to France in December 2017 to find a home with 2 small studio-cottages to let for a longer season in a warmer climate. I chose this spot close to Angouleme for it’s climate, landscape, transport links, history and for being a slightly quiet place, nonetheless within reach of so much.   


The cottages are small, so I call them studio-cottages.  The garden is spacious so there is good outside space to expand in to  The swimming pool is heated and salt filtered. The garden between the pool and the cottages is a “work in progress” - I had to make quite a mess to upgrade some plumbing and to get rid of a large area of overgrown bamboo by the cottages, but the new grass is growing and this autumn hedges and trees will be planted, and all should be in good order by the spring of 2019. 

Please note:  The nearby train line does not spoil the peace and quiet here.    The trains pass pretty infrequently even though there can be two or three one after the other from time to time  -  the rush of noise lasts for about 6 seconds.  All the visitors this  year have been unbothered by this - never mentioned in a review - so please don't be concerned.    

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Please feel free to contact me with any question about the place or your stay.

Logis de Romainville

Siret: 8387181950012

Nicola Wilks,

Logis de Romainville

6 Impasse Laudrie

16440 Roullet-St-Estephe



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