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Touring by Car

Classic cars race - foot flat to the floor - around the streets of Angouleme - during the “Circuit des Ramparts” in September, with a classic car rally the day before.  


 I have recently found a small booklet with 12 suggested tours by car around villages or sights of interest.  These are examples to try out and to inspire your own circuits.

Distances range from 10km from Jarnac (home to several Cognac distilleries) to Saint Simon where ships were built to navigate the length of the Charente river (these shipyards were half on the navigable length of the Charente from Angouleme to Cognac), and back via the historic sight of Bassac.

A longer route would be about 70km from here to Mouthiers-sur-boeme, out to Villevois Lavellette and Gurat and home via Cressac St-Genis.

Day trips to the vineyards of Bordeaux and Bergerac, and food producers all the way to Perigeux are very much within reach, as are trips to the Atlantic coast - Royan, Ile de Re, or La Rochelle.

The trips can take in as much or as little as you like en route, from historic sites and the stories that go with them to stops at cafes or to picnic.

This is a well centred location for a huge variety of tours. GPS is helpful, but not as interesting as a good map and a competent navigator for finding the less travelled routes.


Classic or modern car, day trips from here are a huge pleasure. Return to secure parking in my courtyard. 

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